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Welcome to Camp Gan Israel Highland Park! If you love kids, there’s no better way to spend your summer than working as a Gan Izzy  Highland Park staff member! Each year, our select team of counselors from throughout the tri-state area works together toward one common purpose—to help EVERY camper grow! Below is a list of the different type of staff positions we offer.

Secretary: The secretary position is for someone who loves to work with children, is patient and loving, yet can work under pressure. We need someone with mature judgment and can handle all camper and staff medical needs. Secretary needs to be computer saavy, organized, responsible and have excellent phone skills. We are looking for someone who will be loyal to us and who will keep our confidences. We need someone who shows initiative – someone who is a team player and flexible.

specialty2Specialty Instructor: Looking to hire instructors for the following specialties: Dance, Musical Theater, Drama, Karate, Art, Music, Guitar, Gymnastics, Sports, Magic, Woodworking. Previous experience in the specialty field with youth. Specialist are required to be at least 21 years of age and have the ability to creatively lead a specialist program within a camp environment. Specialist plans and provide instruction that is appropriate to the ability level of different age groups and makes the activity appealing and fun. Specialist teach safe behaviors and ensures that strong safety policies are practiced in their area of specialty.

lifeguardsPool Staff: The Head Lifeguard is required to be 21+ and lifeguards are required to be entering Grade 11+. Pool staff are required to have strong communication and leadership skills, strong risk management and safety awareness, and a thorough knowledge and application of lifeguard surveillance and rescue techniques. All pool staff are responsible for guarding their area of responsibility, responding to any level of incident around the entire facility, enforcing our rules fairly and politely, checking and maintaining pool chemicals (head guard), ensuring member safety, being patient and enthusiastic while teaching and holding productive lessons, setting up and cleaning up lesson station,and other tasks assigned by the Director and Head Lifeguard.

Certifications: Red Cross Lifeguard Training, CPR/AED, WSI a plus. *Have a minimum of: two years experience consisting cumulatively of at least 16 weeks as a children’s camp lifeguard.

hc2Head Counselor: The Head Counselor is required to have previous camp staff experience. She is required to be at least 18 years of age and have a license. The HC has to have the ability to creatively lead and assist in planning camp programs and a strong background in “Gan Izzy” style. The HC needs to have the ability to direct the entire camp in a manner that promotes safe behaviors and improves the quality of the children's interaction with one another. She serves as a role model to young children by demonstrating high standards of personal conduct and supervises and guides counselors assigned to bunks. She is responsible for campers' safety; on the bus, on a trip, at activities, and during transitions.

mini ganMini Gan Morah (Preschool Teacher): Is a position for an experienced adult that has at least 3 years experience teaching preschool in an organized school. The Mini Gan Morah is required to demonstrate by example, have a mature attitude towards work ethics, be responsible and have leadership qualities. She serves as a role model for Mini campers ages 3.5-5 by demonstrating high standards of personal conduct and supervises her campers at all times.

counserlossCounselor's: Junior Counselors are boys and girls entering grade 10 and 11. Senior Counselors are boys and girls entering grade 12+. Counselors are required to have at least one year of experience in camping and supervision of children. Counselor's direct a bunk of up to 15 children in a manner that promotes safe behaviors and improves the quality of the children’s interaction with one another. Counselor's are participants in all activities with their bunks, making camp fun for their campers, teaching skills, providing encouragement and support, etc. Counselor's serve as a role model to young children by demonstrating high standards of personal conduct. They are responsible for campers’ safety on bus, on a trip, or at any activity. Counselor's report any accident to proper camp personnel and are attentive to and follows administrative notices defining camp procedures and routines.

Assistants and Mother's Helper: The  Office/Art Assistants and Mother's helper position is for girls entering 9th grade. Girls are required to be extremely responsible and detail oriented. A mother's helper will help with all childcare duties during the camp day: changing the babies diaper, feeding the baby, playing with the baby when s/he is up and putting the baby down to sleep.


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