Our Staff


We are teachers, educational professionals, Jewish leaders, college, high school students and child development specialists. Every member of our staff is committed to providing a safe and secure environment where children thrive. Together we have more than 20 years of camping experience and knowledge of children. Our Administrative Staff posses a wealth of knowledge and experience. They mentor and guide our counselors, and actively communicate with camp families.

  • Every counselor is carefully interviewed, references are checked, and then selected for their personal warmth, sensitivity and ability to connect to each child. 
  • Staff is intensively trained before the start of camp. 
  • Administrative Staff attend training courses throughout the year, including the ACA tri-state camp conference in Atlantic City in March.
  • We work together to ensure that each child’s individual needs, and the group’s needs are met. 
  • We create an environment where campers build confidence, try new things, express themselves, have FUN and feel proud to be Jewish!

Camp Staff 2018:

Camp Director: Mrs. Chayale Shagalow

Chayale Shagalow has been active in the camp industry for over 10 years. She spent summers in Texas, Missouri, Brooklyn and New Jersey. Chayale received a degree in education from Machon Shoshanat Yerushalayim. In her career, she has been a teacher, adviser, camp counselor, camp program coordinator and now, the Camp Director. This is Chayale's ninth summer directing Camp Gan Israel Highland Park (Piscataway). Chayale generates exemplary warmth, joy and exuberance. Chayale is responsible, multi-talented, dynamic, organized and sensitive to the individual needs of each camper. Her outstanding successes testifies in every task that she undertakes. She cannot wait for the summer to begin to see all our returning and new campers!


Camp Rabbi: Rabbi Shaya Shagalow

Rabbi Shaya, our Camp Rabbi generates exemplary warmth, joy and exuberance. His perceptive and astute understanding of children and teens, his selfless dedication to others, and distinguished leadership skills, will transform your child this summer. Rabbi Shaya's daily shiur program to our campers is rich with Jewish knowledge and a love for yiddishkeit. Rabbi Shaya is multi-talented, dynamic, and sensitive to the individual needs of each camper. His outstanding successes testifies in every task that he undertakes and we are positive that your child will learn and grow a lot this summer!

Camp Secretary: Morah Elana Kurtz

Morah Elana is extremely responsible, caring, warm, sensitive to the individual needs of every counselor and loved by both our campers and staff! Morah Elana is a dedicated teacher at RPRY and she brings years of experience in working with children and young adults. Morah Elana is looking forward to greeting all our campers and staff with a smile and using her expertise to help make this a fantastic summer! She is thrilled to be able to combine her talents by taking on a role in administration while still interacting with counselors and campers every day. 



Boys Head Counselor: Mr. Dovi Yarmush

Mr. Dovi Yarmush is currently a dedicated Upper Elementary teacher at Netivot. His sensitivity and respect for every child makes his am outstanding teacher. Mr. Dovi brings years of experience in working with children to Gan Izzy HP. Mr. Dovi is a third Degree Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate, a 2nd Degree black belt in the Superfood System  and has experience in kickboxing. Mr. Dovi is so excited to join the Gan Izzy team as the Boys Division Head Counselor this summer!



Photographer First Month: Tova Hakakian
Photographer Second Month: Shana Jaman







Chef Shmulie & Staff: Luis, Trinidad, Faustino & Jordy

Having graduated at the top of his class at culinary school, Chef Shmulie together with his staff create delicious meals for the Chabad House students during the year and Camp Gan Israel during the summer. Chef Shmulie and his staff work with a great deal of energy, and have an absolute love for their profession. Their meals are fresh, tasty and wholesome.  There is always a large variety of food with lots of healthy options.


Head Lifeguard: Ms. Chemda Weiner

Swimming has always been Chemda's passion. Chemda has been a lifeguard for a few summers and has taught swimming in camps throughout the Tri-State area and in private settings as well.  Many children have benefited from her extensive teaching knowledge and love her for her skill and the caring way she encourages them to be the best swimmer they can be. Chemda can't wait for the hot weather to come!



Lifeguards: Charna Rosenberg, Atara Erps, Shani Teitelbaum

Both Charna and Atara have spent many years working at Gan Izzy HP. We are delighted that they will be our lifeguards this summer. We are excited to have Shani join us at Gan Izzy this sumer!





Dance: Ms. Fola Walker

Ms. Fola is personable, energetic instructor with extensive knwledge in theater and music. She is wonderful with children and has exceptional patience. She has been a stage manager for the competition Nathional Dance Showcase for 4 years and an instrutor at Artists in Motion for the past 9. Demonstration oriented, Ms. Fola dances with her students and doesn't simple 'instruct'. It is her goal to ensure that each child feels as they are being cared for. Ms. Fola currently works at Be.U.Dance Center in Highland Park (Ms. Krystal's dance school!) We are so excited that Ms. Fola will be working at Gan Izzy this summer!



Mini Gan Morah: Morah Adi Yarmush (second month)

Morah Adi is currently the Director of Early Childhood at Netivot. She brings her warmth and innate respect for children to her role as the Mini Gan Morah . She is a leader in her ability to integrate the various areas of the classroom, inspiring the children to think about the world in a global, cosmic way. Morah Adi is responsible, organized and has a true love for children. Morah Adi can't wait for summer to begin!


ariellaMini Gan Morah: Morah Ariella Wilks (second month)

Ariella is currently a student at Touro College in Manhattan studying Early Childhood Education. She has been a camper at Camp Gan Izzy Piscataway all her life, and has worked as a staff member at camp for many years. Ariella has also been worked as a group leader for the youth groups in her shul for a few years.  This summer will be Ariella's eighth summer as a staff member at Camp Gan Israel and we are delighted to have her return as our Mini Gan Morah. Ariella has extensive experience with our Mini Gan bunk, is super responsible, organized, motivated, hardworking and extremely patient with young children. She hopes to help each of her campers grow this summer, by making camp a safe, enriching, and fun environment.




Eli Benedek, Yisrael Samel, Nesanel Diets, Eli Fisher, Levi Ukraincik
Counselors: (female) Cherry Bluming, Nechama Erps, Rachel Hezrony, Eliana Weitz, Chavi Crystal, Faigy Blasenstein, Henny Simon, Lani Eisenstein, Dina Shapiro
Assistants:  Talia Menasha, Rina Silvey, Chaya Sara Carlebach