Apply Now

We are delighted that you are about to take an important  step  toward becoming a counselor at Camp Gan Israel Piscataway this summer. Working with children is a great and exciting challenge that we embrace with excitement and commitment. We love to join with people that share our beliefs!

Before you start the application, I would like to share these thoughts with you:

If you have not yet read the other staff sections of this site, please do so now. These sections will help you better understand the opportunity and challenge ahead of you.

The application will take some time. As you can tell from reading our expectations, we are committed to creating an exceptional staff. This application helps us determine if we are a good match for you and you for us.

We create an army of the willing that is completely focused on our mission “to help every camper grow into the person G-d intends him or her to be.”

If our mission and this sense of commitment get you excited, then take the next step and start the application. We are looking for leaders. We are looking for amazing counselors. Are you ready to join us?

Chayale Shagalow
Camp Director