10Well, I am very picky with what I love so, the reason I love Camp Gan Israel Piscatawayis because I love the activities like archery, gymnastics, art, cake decorating/cupcakes, dance and, of course, drama.  It is so much fun and I love going here cause they also take care of me like i'm their kid.  How nice is that?  I love the activities, trips and schedule.  Prize store is also fun.  Thank you Chayale S. for having/making camp happen.

 Nechama E. age 12

2I love Gan Izzy Piscataway a lot!  It’s more fun than any other camp i’ve ever been to.  I love all the activities and rate this camp 5 stars.  All the counselors and staff are so nice.  All the people in my bunk are so sweet and kind.  I love the lunch and snacks so much!  All the ideas people have for what activities we do are so awesome and amazing.  I’m so happy my mom sent me to this camp.  I love everything we do like, scavenger hunts, trips, lunch, karate, gymnastics, swimming, edible crafts, cake decorating, dance, all the color themes for each day.  I love every single place we go!  Finally, I love my counselors!  I am so lucky to be in such an amazing camp!  Thanks all the staff for making camp fun!  I wish I could go to camp all year!

Sophie K. age 8


11I love Gan Izzy Piscataway because it’s fun and they have nice counselors, cool games, awesome activities, and they are so organized.  I also really love swimming and art.  I love my counselors Goldie & Ziesel, they are so cool.

Esti G. age 11

dassiI love Gan Izzy because I have so many friends and each friend is so nice to me. The counselors care so much about me. The activities are so much fun, especially surprises. Trips are so much fun with all the games we play. I love to learn new cheers and Eileen meakes dance so much fun. If I come to camp sad, Gan Izzy will make me happy. Gan Izzy Piscataway is the best camp in the world!

Dassi S. age 10

5I love this camp because I like to going to the pool & swimming.  I’m learning to swim on my back.  Now I’m brave to put my head in the water!  I love my counselors because they do everything for me – my Morah makes me laugh!

Aizik S. age 4

8I like the playground and I love my counselors.  I love edible crafts and I love swimming.  I also love trips the best!  I also love line up.  All of the activities I love for the same reason, because they are all fun!

Momo J. age 6

3I love Gan Izzy Piscataway because the counselors are amazing.  I met new friends and learnt how to swim.  Camp Gan Izzy is always so fun. I love edible crafts and all the activities and I love the magic show. The lunch is always so delicious and there are a lot of options to choose from. I like the healthy snacks. I love CGI

Chaya C. age 7

6I love camp because we have a lot of fun activities like mad science, edible crafts and cake decorating.  I love Gan Izzy because we daven and learn Torah. It is sooo much fun and the people that we should thank are Chayale, the counselors and Rivka because they make our summer amazing so thanks soooo much Chayale and Rivka for making our summer the best.

Daniella B. age 9

1I love swimming because I learnt so much at the pool. They have the best sports ever.  Edible crafts is awesome.  The counselors are nice. In camp, the lunch is so good.    Shiur is so interesting and Rabbi Shaya says great stories and more.

Tziporah S. age 10

9I love this Gan Izzy Piscataway because of all the activities.  There are so many things to do and you never get bored.  I also love all of the trips that we get to go on.  They are so much fun!  To be clear, every time I come to camp Gan Izzy Piscataway, I have the best time ever!

Zoe K. age 10

4I love all Gan Izzy’s activities. There is always something fun and exciting happening. I also love the cheers and the singing. The food is really good here. I love CGI Piscataway.

Eliana S. age 11

7Gan Izzy is the best camp I ever went to. I love dance, sports, art, swim and electives. The counselors rock! Every activity we do in camp I love. I especially love the trips, especially rock climbing, 6 flags, Pump it up, Bounce U, and Kayaking. I love to cheer and to sing. Gan Izzy has a lot of spirit. Gan Izzy rocks!!!

Sophie S. age 9