Judaic Program – Shiur


Camp Gan Israel Highland Park - Judaic Programming

We are very excited to announce our theme for summer 2016! This summer, our campers will spend 8 weeks on 'A Trip To Treasure Island with Captain Middos's Treasure Chest!' Our goal this summer is to improve 8 specific character traits that campers use on a daily basis. This will be done through daily shiur lessons given by our very own camp Rabbi - Rabbi Shaya. An essential part of the Middos program is a constant concern with and recognition of our camper's good behavior. Campers will be able to collect Middos cards that correspond to the topics that will be covered during shiur. In addition, campers will bring home Middos Missions that pertain to the specific middos at camp. At the end of every lesson, campers will write in their daily journal.